Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

The editorial office of the journal follows main publication ethics standards of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE Core practices).

The editorial office of the journal considers unacceptable the following:

  • Plagiarism – passing off someone else’s work or idea as your own
  • Concurrent publication  – submitting the same manuscript to more than one journal concurrently
  • Conflict of interest – non-disclosure of the information that may directly or indirectly impede the objectivity of publication
  • Copyright disputes  – intentional distortion of the fact of a schollar’s participation in the research which results are published
  • Multiple publication  – the author publishes manuscripts describing results of the same research in more than one journal. Research fraud – falsification of research data, tables, figures.

Reviewers’ Ethics

  1. The National Institute for Strategic Studies strives to comply with high ethical standards of academic research. Reviews must be done at the proper academic level as well as comply with ethical requirements applied to this type of academic activity.
  2. The reviewer who considers himself incompetent to review the proposed article may refuse to do so.
  3. All authors manuscripts submitted to the editorial office are subject to the Law of Ukraine on Copyright and Related Reviewers may not use any information presented by the author in the papers they review.
  4. The reviewer must substantiate plagiarism or incorrect citation claims by appropriate arguments and references.
  5. If the reviewer suspects the author of plagiarism, falsification of data or has any doubts about the authorship of the paper, he should immediately contact the editorial office with the request to review the article collectively.
  6. Reviews should be carried out within time limits set by the editorial office (usually within seven days).