Editorial Policy

The Strategic Priorities is a knowledge space providing for:

  • access of the global academic community to the results of research of authors submitting articles to the journal;
  • Ukrainian authors’ presence in the global academic community.

The journal adheres to the policy of:

  • informing the academic community and practitioners about the results of new research;
  • open access (all the published content (paper and digital versions of the article) are open for previewing, reading, downloading and printing);
  • adherence to copyright law;
  • adherence to academic ethics, reporting its violation;
  • ensuring proper quality of published papers, in particular by means of using leading knowledge repositories and bibliographic databases when writing them;
  • continuous improvement of the journal website to ensure comfortable interaction of  editorial office, reviewers, authors and the public.

The editorial policy of the journal is based on the principles of impartiality and objectivity, high quality standards of research, new knowledge support, collegiality in decision making on papers publishing, strict compliance with the copyright law, academic integrity.