Keywords: health care, state policy, reform, medical services, financial and economic mechanisms, financing.


The article deals with the tendencies of health care reform in Ukraine related to solving the problems of financial and economic, resource support, diversification of sources of financing of the sphere at the present stage of transformations. A comparative analysis of health care financing of Ukraine and foreign countries is conducted. The peculiarities of foreign health care financing as an experience for Ukraine and the preconditions for the development and multiplication of human capital in Ukraine. The problem of financing health care system and its efficiency in conditions of limited resources, quality assurance of medical care as the basis of state policy of the industry is considered. The issue of financing health care plays an important role in the state policy of different countries. The health care always requires resource investments, because the quality of medical care and the health of the population depend on the provision of the medical industry with material, technical, labor and financial resources and their effective use. Therefore, the objective need is to develop a financial framework for reforming health care. This means that the problems of the resource supply of the healthcare sector are always relevant for the state, for the whole society and every citizen.

The article highlights the current state of development of the medical industry in Ukraine. The statistics characterizing the sphere of public health are given. The sources of financial support of the health care system of Ukraine are considered. The need for further reform of the health care system in Ukraine is substantiated. It is proved that the country needs transformation of the financial mechanism of the industry on the basis of financial support of the healthcare sector against the background of the general updating and clearing of the financial system.


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