Keywords: global economy, innovation-technological transformations, digitization, digital infra- structure, digital transformation, digital platform


An example of the digital transformation of the world economy is the application of the innova- tive technological base, which in the conditions of the information society requires a fundamen- tally new understanding and new approaches to the digitization of the basic industries. The transformation of the global economy is seen as a powerful impetus to change in the domestic economy and at the same time a significant factor of uncertainty and incertitude, as the national and territorial boundaries of the movement of goods, capital and labor are erased, and the transformation of market structures is accelerated. This approach allows monitoring of existing prac- tices and analysis of innovation and technological transformations of the world economy taking into account the integration vector of Ukraine’s foreign policy into European political, econom- ic and legal space. In this context, the implementation of processes is analyzed, which focuses on the sectoral initiative of the European Commission on the Single Digital Market for industrial digitization.

The authors proposed to focus on the creation of innovative technological platforms that facili- tate the combining of enterprises with universities, research organizations, investors, regulatory bodies, as well as civil society institutions in the process of identifying priorities and strategies in a wide range of technological areas. This position is primarily due to the fact that the achieve- ment of competitiveness at the national and regional levels requires the concentration of a con- siderable amount of scientific and technical potential and financial resources for the implemen- tation of medium and long-term goals for the innovation and technological transformation of the economy and society.

It is proved that in order to realize large-scale global transformations in Ukraine, there is a need to create and create ecosystem of innovations – technological innovation centers that claim to be the new leaders of the technology industry by extrapolating the modern, oriented on the growth of the model of EU innovation development into modern Ukrainian realities.

Such an approach requires, first of all, the concentration of a significant amount of scientific and technical potential and financial resources for the implementation of medium- and long- term goals of innovation and technological transformations of the economy and society.

It is concluded that the procedurally-oriented paradigm of providing innovation-technological transformation for Ukraine is the understanding and discussion of the issues regarding the im- portance of the digital transformation of the global economy, which are intended to promote the formation of new approaches to more efficient use of available resources and technologies for innovative transformations of domestic transport, health care education, industry and Internet of Things, energy, industry, agrarian sector, public safety, etc.

Some issues of developing new approaches to digital communication systems that unite elements of IT infrastructure are also highlighted, and the need for adaptation of domestic legislation to key international standards in the digital sphere is argued. It has been established that the impor- tance of the telecommunication industry in Ukraine for innovation and technological transfor- mation in Ukraine is to create an infocommunication basis for the transition to a digital econo- my in cooperation with other related industries and international organizations.

Author Biography

Danyila Olijnyk

Doctor of Economics, Professor, Senior Researcher


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