Keywords: book culture, book, book publishing, book distribution, culture of reading


The article outlines the main tendencies of the formation and development of book culture in Ukraine from the acquiring of independence to the present moment. The content of the concept of “book culture” is defined as being an effective cognitive tool for describing and analyzing the processes of book circulation in a society, from the stage of book creating to the stage of its reception and critics according to the framework of the existing reading culture. It is shown the expediency of the concept in the studies of the socio-cultural processes of independent Ukraine, since these processes acquire the signs of continuity and integrity, as well as radically different from socio-cultural processes of the previous, Soviet period of ideological control and administrative methods of management. There was analyzed such aspects of book culture of modern Ukraine as: the culture of the book as it is, the culture of the book’s distribution in society, and the culture of reading. It is outlined the positive changes such as the liberalization and diversification of the content of the Ukrainian book, the increase of the volume of Ukrainian-language literature and Ukrainian translations, the growth of requirements for the quality of book design, the introduction of the latest marketing and communication technologies in the book market, new approaches to popularization of reading in Ukraine. At the same time, attention is paid to the negative and stagnant processes, the challenges that have been hampered and are now hampering the civilized development of book culture. These challenges are related to the processes of global informatization, the complexity of economic development, the need to resist the hybrid aggression of the RF, the consequences of not far-sighted state policy and the imperfection of Ukrainian legislation. On the basis of an integrated approach to socio-cultural processes is formulated the possible options for answering these challenges. In the conclusion the overcoming of book culture crisis is fixed, as far as the intensification of its development during the last five years.

Author Biography

Olha Mykhailova

Михайлова Ольга Юріївна, кандидат політичних наук ORCID: 0000-0001-5466-5129


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