Keywords: cultural heritage, cultural values, archaeological sites, cultural values, Crimea, Ukraine


The article deals with the actual challenges of preserving the cultural heritage in Crimea, which are caused by the expansionary policy of the Russian Federation in the occupied territory of the peninsula. The analysis of the losses suffered by Ukraine as a result of such a policy is carried out against the background of the lack of opportunities for direct access, control and influence on the state of protection and protection of cultural heritage in Crimea. The main challenges to preserving the cultural heritage of the peninsula, in particular, are the destruction of a number of cultural heritage sites and poor restoration works, lack of proper accounting and illegal movement of cultural property. Attention is drawn to the aggravation of the situation, when massive illegal archaeological excavations on the territory of the Crimea caused not only unsatisfactory level of accounting and preservation of archaeological exhibits, but also overcrowding of existing Crimean museum storage facilities. The article argues that the uncontrolledness of these processes becomes a favorable environment for the export of cultural property from the peninsula. It is noted that the situation around the large-scale restoration and emergency work of the occupation authority on objects of cultural heritage and museum institutions of the peninsula has a similar purpose. The consequence of such activity is the loss of the authentic appearance of objects of cultural heritage as a result of low-quality works and the destruction of archaeological objects due to the lack of their further conservation and museum design. It is argued that the policy of the Russian Federation (RF) is focused on submission to the jurisdiction of the Russian side and appropriation of the cultural heritage of Crimea. Disordered and weak control over these processes leads to criminalization of relations in the sphere of protection of the cultural heritage of the peninsula, including illegal circulation of cultural values, financial fraud from the performed restoration works on the objects of cultural heritage in Crimea, etc. Thus, the destructive policies of the peninsula is the cultural heritage and some public discontent caused by the limited access of local people to cultural heritage sites in particular that may be favorable factor for de occupation of the peninsula in the future.

Author Biography

Vladyslava Bakalchuk

Бакальчук Владислава Олегівна,
кандидат філософських наук ORCID: 0000-0001-7723-6802


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