Keywords: energy security, system approach, state policy, management activity, legislation, energy security system


The problem of determination of legal tools of energy security is investigated in this paper. The need to review legislation on energy security was stipulated due to the emergence of new challenges and threats to energy security and the need for appropriate responses by legislative consolidation of the necessary tools.

The research focuses on the definition of the principles of regulation and implementation of special tools in energy security domaine into national legislation. Particularly, the paper indicates the content of some special tools on energy security used in the United States and the EU, and their respective legislative acts. The evaluation adequacy of legislation of Ukraine on energy security issues to modern requirements has been carried out.

Based on the application of a systematic approach to the study of energy security, the regulation subject, the content of activities and tasks of the subject of ensuring energy security of Ukraine have been proposed in accordance with the stages of strategic planning. A number of mechanisms and tools for ensuring energy security are proposed as well.

Proposals for the formation of the management system in the field of energy security have been developed and the content of the necessary actions according to the stages of strategic planning is outlined. There have been proposed a complex set of tools of legal regulation of energy security that allows implementing systematic approach of energy security policy and implement national security priorities into activities of all involved actors. Proposals for the elaboration of the relevant legislative act have been developed as well.

Author Biography

Oleksandr Sukhodolia

Cуходоля Олександр Михайлович, доктор наук з державного управління, професор ORCID: 0000-0002-1978-404X


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