• O. Valevskyi
Keywords: cultural policy, conflict resolution, hybrid war in Ukraine, culture of peace


The article analyzes the international experience of using culture in overcoming conflicts and restoring peace in the territories affected by the hostilities. The necessity of development of the normative-legal and legislative base for the implementation of the state cultural policy in these territories is presented. The current problems of the implementation of cultural policy in the de-occupied territories are analyzed. There is a need to create a system of cultural centers in areas affected by military actions that would function on an ongoing basis. It is argued that cultural work is an effective means of establishing a dialogue and restoring tolerance in areas affected by conflicts and hostilities. In particular, the important function of culture in the restoration of peace is the task of preventing destructive ideological and informational external influences. Particular attention should be paid to issues of socio-cultural reintegration of migrants and the strengthening of interethnic accord. State policy should facilitate the implementation of various historical, cultural and educational projects aimed at forming a civic position and national identity of the inhabitants of these territories. Cultural work in these territories should be combined with the use of creative practices aimed at the development of small and medium businesses, services and tourism. Culture has an enormous potential for local economic and social development. There is a need to develop a state-targeted interagency cultural development program for territories affected by military actions. The program should aim at consolidating the actions of central and local authorities, civil society institutions and international organizations that provide international technical assistance for the restoration of peace in these territories.


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