• V. Begma
  • V. Shemaev
  • A. Rybalchenko
  • P. Tolok
Keywords: hybrid aggression, defense industry, military-technical cooperation, strategy, ideology, investments, transfer


The problems of the development of the military-military-industrial complex of Ukraine with foreign states in modern conditions are analyzed.
The article states that one of the main problems hindering the development of the military-industrial complex is the lack of rights of defense enterprises in foreign economic activity (FEA) under the supervision of the state, but without special intermediary exporters. Providing such rights is a requirement of time and widespread worldwide practice. Their presence at the national producer (ITO) will create the necessary conditions for expanding the presence of foreign defense companies in the Ukrainian market and, accordingly, attracting the latest defense technologies and investments in the defense industry. Such a situation requires substantial changes in the system of MTCs that will facilitate the liberalization of foreign trade activities with goods and services of military use and dual use for the MTS entities of all forms of ownership. The article substantiates the necessity of introducing a new ideology for the development of the military-technical cooperation, the main priorities of which are: satisfaction of the needs of Ukrainian military formations at the expense of imports, preservation of traditional and development of new weapon markets, the use of military-military apparatus in order to form allies from Western partners and eliminate Russia as a competitor in the market of weapons. It is proposed to consolidate this ideology in a separate document – Strategy of military-technical cooperation of Ukraine with foreign states, which will be considered as a long-term, consistent, constructive, rational, not detailed plan supported by ideology. Such an approach to the development of the PTS of Ukraine with foreign states will contribute to the provision of the Armed Forces with modern weapons, consolidation of Ukraine in new weapon markets and increased foreign exchange earnings.


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