• S. Zubchenko
Keywords: intellectual property, protection of intellectual property rights, foreign affairs, national security, humanitarian policy, humanitarian security policy


The article highlights some of the topical issues of intellectual property rights protection in Ukraine. The place of intellectual property problems in the system of humanitarian policy of Ukraine, their influence on the general condition of the national humanitarian (in particular, scientific and intellectual) space, as well as on the international reputation of Ukraine and the investment attractiveness of the state, are outlined. Some analytical documents of Ukraine's foreign partners (in particular, the EU and the USA) concerning protection of intellectual property rights are reviewed. The internal indicators of influence of intellectual property rights protection issues on the general condition of the humanitarian space of the state, national scientific and intellectual potential are determined. The article substantiates the conclusion that in order to facilitate the arrival of foreign (in particular American and European) high-tech and knowledge-intensive companies, well-known world brands and networks to the Ukrainian market, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine should intensify efforts in informing the foreign public, business and stakeholders in the field of intellectual property about the current Ukrainian legislation protecting intellectual property. Directions for improvement of the existing legal framework for the protection of intellectual property rights in Ukraine (bringing the national legislation to an extent that would provide the right holders with the appropriate level of protection, but would not make registration and subsequent “exploitation” of intellectual property too burdensome, would not create over regulations or obstacles to fair information activities, scientific and artistic creativity and further technological progress), implementation of promising organizational and informational steps in the relevant sphere (in particular, through the mechanisms of IPR Dialogs) for strengthening the humanitarian security of the Ukrainian State in the conditions of constant hybrid aggression by Russia, are proposed.


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