• Sergiy Ivanyuta
Keywords: disasters, risk reduction, priorities, international cooperation, safety, sustainable development


The current United Nations’ programs in the field of disaster risk reduction and strengthening of the resilience to disruption of the functioning of social and economic systems and environmental degradation are examined. It is shown that due to the presence of numerous mining, chemical and energy companies with a significant number of industrial and urban centers with high population density in Ukraine, the negative impact of natural disasters could lead to significant increase in threats to the emergence of large-scale negative consequences due to the destruction and damage of potentially dangerous objects. Taking into account the difficult socioeconomic conditions in Ukraine, it is shown that to improve the ecological safety of the state it is necessary to implement the modern approaches for risk reduction and on this basis to make management decisions to prevent and minimize the negative effects of disasters. It is also important to make more concerted efforts to eliminate the causes of the increased risk of natural disasters, including the consequences of global climate change, urbanization and inefficient land use. Preconditions for introduction in Ukraine of the modern approaches to disaster risk reduction as an effective mechanism to enhance the state's ability to neutralize the negative effects of natural and technological disasters are determined.


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