• Oleksandr Vlasiuk
  • Lyubov Yatsenko
Keywords: human development, economic growth, prosperity, income, labor market, living conditions.


The conceptual framework of human development, Ukraine’s rating of human development on the global scale, the basic trends and the actual status of the basic components of human development in Ukraine are analyzed іn the article. Analysis of the factors of socioeconomic human development in Ukraine shows disturbing trends, negative manifestations, which include low quality of life, spread of the asocial phenomena, adverse medical and demographic situation, worsening living conditions and adverse sociopsychological climate in the society. This constant process of strengthening regional spatial heterogeneity determines primarily with imperfect state and regional policy and inconsistent reforms towards convergence of regional development and overcoming social inequality. Awareness of these negative phenomena dictates the need for evidencebased solutions to overcome them and to prevent the emergence of new challenges and threats of social development. Providing conditions for enhanced human development requires the formation and implementation of socially oriented model of sustainable development based on social welfare, economic growth and environmental safety.


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