• Oleksandr Koval
Keywords: social security, social threats, society


As a result of numerous attempts of scientists and experts to explain the term «social security», it has become so broad and vague notion that the every use of the term needs explanation and clarification.

The vast majority of social security researchers consider human as the beneficiary, which is the object of protection against threats. The subject of their study is neutralisation of the threats to society. Instead, some researchers, far less numerous part, consider the nature of social security in radically different terms. In particular, it is not a certain threat to society, but rather a threat posed by society to national security.

The article proved that both interpretations of social security closely related to each other, and the threats to the one generate threats to the other, creating a vicious circle. But social security for society should be considered as the primary one, because threats to society initially generate threats from society.


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