• Andriy Zahorodskiy
Keywords: war, peace, semiotics, code, sign


Abstract. The article centers around semiotic approach to the issue of the perception of «oppositional symbols» of war and peace over 2014 – 2016 in Ukraine. The main findings are as follows. Over 2 years, Ukrainians began to associate the “war” with the “problem” as well as with fears and incomprehension rather than with victory, during this period, the concept of “peace” was localized within Donbas and within the talks in Minsk and dropped out of the discourse in the context of “peace in Ukraine” or “peace in Europe”. Basically, the media linked the concept of war with victims and statistics. The media did not unite “fight against corruption” with “war” / “winning the war” / “achieving peace”. “Peace” in the media is part of some situational diplomatic negotiations.

The study of “war” and “peace” in focus groups showed that the key connotation of “war” and “peace” is with the words “nothing clear”, “uncertainty”, “fatigue”. The sender of the message and the transmitter of the message (the media) rarely relate their sign system with a system of their audience. Blurring the connotations of “war” and “peace” by the media during the 2014 – 2016 did not contribute to the consolidation of Ukrainian society, but consolidation is possible, if the government’s communication will introduce a new series of semiotic symbols.

According to the author, the problem could be solved by means of elaborating and increasing the complexity of the appropriate codes. Recommendations on increasing the complexity codes are proposed by the author.


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